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How to Get Rich - From rags to riches, the secret to become super rich!

How to Get Rich - From rags to riches, the secret to become super rich!

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How to get rich - From rags to riches, the secret to become super rich is a real handbook about how to get rich. The phrase "From rags to riches" is used to describe people who has risen from poverty to great wealth all by themselves. History is full of examples of people who has risen from severe poverty and nothingness to become really wealthy, powerful, and/or famous! In fact, many of the wealthiest and most powerful people in human history has gone through such a journey! The Medicis, several popes and emperors, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford, are all examples of people who has risen from very little, even poverty and misery to become some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in history!

Jim Carry, Sean Connery, JK Rowling, Eminem, Brittney Spears, actually almost all actors/actresses, singers and famous writers did start from having nothing before they became rich and famous! Not to mention all the hundreds if not thousands of presidents, great politicians, kings and emperors who have been through such a journey before they reached the top!
What was the source of the sudden inspiration, motivation and happiness many of them experienced just prior to starting their journey? What was the secret that made them suddenly started and seemed to know from the beginning what they were doing? What is the secret?




In this book we present to you the very secrets that made all these people super rich and powerful! Find out the Secrets so even you can get the wealth, power or fame you always dreamed about!


Learn the biggest secrets in the universe, and how you can use that knowledge to achieve whatever you want! Wealth, power, fame, or a quiet life on the countryside. Whatever you dream about you can achieve with the use of these Secrets!

Do you want freedom and happiness? How much would you give to get freedom and happiness?

It is often said that happiness does not depend on money, and it is repeated like a cliché. Yet when we look around in the world, we see the people who have money (either are rich or earn a high salary) are with few exceptions much happier than poor people. And they are certainly more free to do what they want!
The saying that 'happiness do not depend on money' was only true in nature before we started trading and developed a society. We have now a society in which we are dependent on money for everything, and our level of freedom is totally dependent on the amount of money we have! You can't live a truly happy life if you don't have enough money! No one can argue with that fact!
Society is beautiful and great in many ways but let's not fool ourselves about the importance or unimportance of money for freedom and happiness!


But this doesn't matter! Because with our easy-to-follow prescription on how to become rich almost anyone can become both free and happy, and give their family the best life one can have!


The possibility has never been bigger, and it has never been easier, for an individual to get rich in the entire human history than it is today! Everyone, even ordinary people, have the freedom to get rich. We in the West live in a society where what was once (and still is in many countries) available only to a few chosen people are now available to everyone, even ordinary people. We live in the greatest society that has ever existed, but only as long as one understands the game. If one doesn't understand the game one is lost and forced to be a part of somebody else's dream, but he or she who knows will have the best life one can possibly have!

But this will not last forever! In fact the days of this society are counted because more and more people are beginning to realize the Secrets and use it to enrich themselves. In fact, the coming two or three generations might be the last generations to enjoy this great society and and the rich and extravagant lifestyles it offers! And with this book it might come even faster!

So hurry up! Find out the Secrets so You can enjoy the lifestyle of wealth and reach your biggest dreams before it's too late!